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Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day-$45

We have amazing vendors who include us on the inside deals of the market. Take advantage of our resources and feed your floral addiction! Call the shop or follow us on Twitter @BonFleurNC and become a member of the Elite Tweet Club to find out the “Deal of the Day”.


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Opulent Design

opulent- $275

Our Superior design team is constantly pushing the envelope to create clever,one of a kind, floral experiences.  We have a weakness for unexpected elements, not normally found in main stream design.


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Orchid- $185

Could there be any other blooming plant that makes such a statement? One of the best selling items, orchid plants! Madeline, the owner of the shop is a avid orchid hobbyist . From the omnipresent phalaenopsis to the peculiar paphiopedilum she will pluck only the finest specimens.


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